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Hello Wealth Gap Fam,

Firstly a Big Thank You from us for your support and ongoing love. It means a lot! You help us stay motivated to do the deep research spending long hours trying to make complex stuff simple and dare we say it, some what fun!

Free Subs

We aim to get a deep dive out weekly. This keeps our team of two occupied doing around 50-60hrs a week of research, content dumping and multiple coffee chats about how the hell we take 70,000 technical words and bludgeon it into an edible amount of content. We enjoy this process and we aim to over deliver, becoming a strong source of trusted and valued content… for free 🤪

Paid Subs

  • Crypto Radar : this only goes out to paid groups and you may find that you get the email on the same day as another article drop or multiple times a week. This content is based on the chart action and is not scheduled. When the charts talk we listen and will try to share our years of Investing and Trading experience in bite size chunks so that over time you will start to see what we see. Stick with this process. It will take time but it will add confidence to your knowledge set and conviction to your investing habits.

  • Digital Products : Over the years we have found that the vast majority of people have very little confidence around even the basics of Investing, Money and Finance. We want to change that and build simple but effective digital packs and information products that can be purchased and used for years. This will take time to deliver and our Paid / Founding member will get it for free for ever 🥳

  • Locking off Articles - We will start locking legacy articles off so in the future they will be for paid subscribers only.


This is the Wealth Gap Way